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A 3 part self-study course that will help you move from feeling stressed and confused to connected and aligned.

  • Focus on your healing
  • Connect to your heart
  • Ignite your inner fire

I’m Mandy!

I’m a Book Writing Mentor for female entrepreneurs who have a personal story to share and want to use it to create impact and income in their life and in their business. I live in Africa and I love nature and use it to refuel, refresh and reconnect. I journal and use it in all aspects of my work to stay in alignment and passion.

I share my work in my Facebook Group – love sharing in Stories – and I support you in your journey share your own book through my course Writing 2 Heal and private 1:1 coaching [limited spots open]!

Do you have a Story you want to Share to Create Impact and Income?

In the past, I used to do harmful things to myself – cutting, being passive aggressive, not eating and playing the victim. That was not a healthy outlet at all! My past traumas had destroyed my confidence and self-worth. I felt unworthy of sharing anything. My coach helped me see my path and how much damage I was doing to myself.

I fell back on an old friend – writing – and discovered the power that words had. The more I got into words and journaling, the more I saw my power and my own healing.

I now help others discover their own power and heal from their past too.

I first started sharing my story and soon learnt how it was affecting me and making me feel more open, free and powerful. I DID have something to say and my words DID matter. What I had been through connected and inspired others to reach their own dreams. At the end of 2019 I shared my own story called Miracle Rising.

Are you ready for the next step?

Isn’t it time you stepped up and shared your story to gain expertise and authority in your industry? It is and I know you have a powerful and impactful story inside you. I want to help you share it!

  • Stop letting the past control you!
  • Stop being a victim!
  • Stop playing small!
  • Own your worth!
  • Own your value!

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Come and join our Community of empowered Story Sharers and learn to share in a safe and supportive environment.

  • #journalprompt – designed to help you keep your mindset on track!
  • #storyprompt – created to help you share your story consistently
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Join Writing 2 Heal today!

Writing 2 Heal is my signature course that came about as I wrote my own story and was in a dark place. It is the journal prompts that came up for me as I sat back and focused on my

  • purpose
  • passion and
  • message

I took these prompts and turned them into 3 unique journals to help you reconnect and align. You can too!

Tracey Marinelli ~ Wellness Coach - Fibro Fantastic Wellness Coaching

Tracey Marinelli ~ Wellness Coach - Fibro Fantastic Wellness Coaching
I had my ideas, knew what I wanted to do but wasn’t totally clear on how I was going to put all of my thoughts together to move my project forward. [I came to understand] That my book requires some ultimate call to action.
Thanks so much for your time. We achieved so much in just 30 minutes and this was as a result of your clear and concise questioning as to my aspirations for the book.
I was stuck on my research process for my fiction series. The way Mandy was able to simplify the process as well as help me see when it is important to go from big picture to descriptive details.
I’m more than grateful for Mandy’s heart, passion, and love for those she serves and helping others get their story out there.

Dena Adams ~ Speaker, Author, Life Advisor/Coach

Dena Adams ~ Speaker, Author, Life Advisor/Coach