Transformative Healing through Writing

I’m sure you are thinking, “What is transformative healing through writing?”

Let me explain.

In the past, I used to do harmful things to myself – cutting, binge eating, not eating and playing the victim. That was not a healthy outlet at all!

I discovered writing and the power that words had. The more I got into words and journaling, the more I saw my power and my own healing.

I now help others discover their own power and heal from their past too.

What is a Book Writing Mentor?

I often get asked about what I do and how I came up with the concept. The following video explains it all. [I would love it if you came and joined me on Facebook for more Live videos!]

Are you ready for the next step?

Isn’t it time you stepped up and shared your story to gain expertise and authority in your industry? It is and I know you have a powerful and impactful story inside you. I want to help you share it!

  • Stop letting the past control you!
  • Stop being a victim!
  • Stop playing small!

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