Do you feel the need to scale up in your business and life?

Is it time to be yourself and share what’s on your heart – without feeling exposed and insecure?


Do you know how much it is costing you to play small?


You are probably feeling like your message is diluted and leads are not qualified. You spend too much time fielding calls and enquiries from leads you KNOW you shouldn’t be using your energy on.

You love your clients and the work you do – but you don’t want to constantly question your message and muffle yourself.



Growth and Scale in your Business without Diluting your Message

More Impact and Heart-filled without Feeling Disconnected and Drained

But you don’t know how to have both.

Most businesses have a brand promise and story with a whole team behind it and you…you are your whole business and it’s overwhelming.


How do you even begin?


How do you share your story without feeling like a fraud and creating everything from scratch?


How do you share and save yourself time?

Can’t you just share your story naturally and confidently and connect authentically to grow your business?



Here’s what you need to know….

  • Learn how to set your novel up for success before you start!
  • Learn how to remove limiting beliefs
  • Build your confidence and self-worth
  • Write without sacrificing your time, family, friends, relationships, health and business
  • Have a strong launch platform
  • Develop an evergreen funnel
  • Build your book as a business asset

How Do I Know?

For years, I was doing #allthethings I was supposed to in my business:

  • Writing blog posts
  • Creating opt-ins to grow my list
  • Emailing my list
  • Sharing content in #alltheplaces

But I never saw any real results.


I wanted qualified leads and a connection to my message.


I had quit my job because I felt silenced and trapped but I was working so hard and using a message that didn’t feel completely my own.

Something needed to change –  what had to change was me opening myself up and sharing my story.

I needed to get the heart of my message, I needed to stop skimming the surface and go down deep. I needed to stop being afraid of my own story – of my past.


I figured out a method to share my true message and scale my business with heart for myself and my clients.



You desire

  • The freedom to share your true message
  • An inner transformation to become your true self
  • A content system that works without long-term, high-cost commitments
  • Your business to impact the lives of those who interact with it

The Business Book Method is the answer you need for growth and connection that is unique to you.




  • A service provider who is fully booked with low-end products and ready to take on high-end clients
  • Tired of running a ‘hobby’ blog and ready to make consistent cash
  • Done with signing up for training and workshops you have little time to listen to, let alone implement
  • Wanting to feel alive and energised instead of burnt out and uninspired


Then this 1:1 package is for you!


Because when you get your story heard with your message, you can finally have the freedom and the impact you desire.

“What first caught my eye about Mandy was her simple checklists. I think I asked for her ideas one because I was not confident about mine at all. She sent it through and it helped me get clear on my message and who I wanted to reach with it. She offered me a call and I took her up on it. Best decision ever! I cannot believe how much knowledge and passion Mandy has for books that she gave away on that call!   If you want to write your book and need some help – you need her. She is worth every penny and so much more!” ~ CC

The Book Writing Method has 3 Main Phases

Social media has made our message more accessible but it is also easy to feel lost in the crowd.

Honestly, you don’t need to feel this way.

You need people to know you, your story and why you do what you do so they TRUST you. If you can do that, you will always have leads.


You’ve already proven you are an inspiration. It’s time to shine and impact others as you grow.


Build your Base

Build your Base [$3,500]*

  • Essential Outline – $2,500

We create your book outline using my signature Outline to Strategy Course. I set you up for success and remove stumbling blocks. We also delve into self-care, mindset and your triggers.

  • Business Systems – $1,000

We assess where your time is going in your business and how you can streamline the process to free up more time for yourself and your book without sacrificing your family and relationships. I will show you how I do my marketing for 60 minutes per day! 

*This process takes 2 months.

Write your Story

Write your Story [$5,000]*

  • The First Draft – $2,000

We begin writing your story and incorporating your journey, character and business values. I help you when you feel triggered or have doubts about your message and your story. I help you keep your ‘why’ and goals in sight.

  • Crafting the Manuscript – $3,000

I polish your draft using substantive and developmental editing techniques. I make sure your voice is clear, concise and flowing throughout your story. You and I work together during this process to produce the best manuscript possible.

*This process takes 3 months.

Share your Story

Share your Story [$3,500]**

  • *Pristine Publishing – $2,000

We begin the publishing process and this includes cover creation, book blurb and book description crafting.

*Pristine Publishing is for self-publishing individuals.

  • Lavish Launcher – $1,500

We create your launch outline using your unique skills, talent and platforms. We build your landing page and bonus content.

We also develop your evergreen launch funnel so you continue to make sales on autopilot and bring in qualified leads.

**This process takes 2 months.

Total – $12,000 for the whole Book Writing Method

But you could get it for $10,000

Or you can get the segment you need most

  • Build your base – $3,500
  • Write your story – $5,000
  • Share your story – $3,500

Payment plans are available for the full package as well as the individual segments. [Ask about them on your call!]


* You may discover that you need more time to write your story and we will accommodate that.

With just $10k you could be on your way to growing and scaling your business within the year.


You’re probably feeling that this is a big investment, however, it’s nothing compared to what it’s costing you to NOT be your authentic self and create qualified leads with ease and joy.

The Book Writing Method is for you if…

  • You know you want to share your story
  • You are ready to up-level your business
  • You are ready to experience true inner transformation
  • You are a heart leads first kinda girl
  • You want to step out authentically each time you share your message



  • You aren’t ready to grow your business
  • You are afraid to be honest with yourself
  • You’re scared to be vulnerable authentically and on your own terms
  • You want to do everything alone
  • You don’t want to experience inner transformation


The Book Writing Method is all about finding, writing and sharing your story…because blending into the crowd and playing small is not how to win in life and business.

Best yet, it doesn’t have to take years or be overwhelming.

Give me 6 months to show you what true inner transformation and authenticity look like and you can watch your business can grow and scale without you feeling like a fraud and sacrificing time, money and relationships.

  • Can you imagine taking time off to be with your family?
  • What if you checked your calendar each week and felt excited?
  • What if you felt like YOU each time you shared your message?


It’s possible and I’m ready to help you!

I’m Mandy and I started my Book Writing Mentorship business in 2017 to help women get the support and guidance they deserve as they set out to share their story.


When I wrote my first book, I failed to realise the power of the words I was writing and the impact they could have on my life and business.

When I wrote my second book, I was more prepared for the power of my words but not on the triggers my story would have on me. I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of emotions I felt and it caused me to question my ability to write and share my story.


I learnt so many lessons that I want to share with other women and help them be prepared and empowered as they share their own story.



I felt my book was my foundation to my coaching career. My main concern was that I wouldn’t click with Mandy but by having the free taster call that put my mind at rest. I liked how friendly Mandy is, and I feel I can message her any time for some help. She hasn’t made me feel silly or stupid for wanting to write when I really have no idea and English is not my best subject. ~ TR


I recommend that you spend approximately 5-8 hours a week on your book. I understand that you are running a business which is why we look at your business and put systems in place to keep it running while you write your book.


I recommend that you spend approximately 5-8 hours a week on your book. I understand that you are running a business which is why we look at your business and put systems in place to keep it running while you write your book.


This process is set to take 6 months but that is dependent on you – how you feel throughout the process, how and when you are triggered and if you choose to not finish your book.

I have payment plans available for the full package as well as the 3 main phases. When you schedule your call, you will be able to indicate whether you can pay in full or in instalments.

This depends on your business, the work we both put in and your audience. While I feel the inner transformation is worth more than any money back promise I also know that having cash in the bank matters too. You should expect to see results within a year.


*I cannot guarantee that you will walk away with a book but I can guarantee that you will experience true inner transformation as you free your true story.

I understand, which is why I make sure we look at your business as a whole and see where we can streamline and systematise it so you can have the time to write your book and know our business is still running.

Be open. Share your desire to write a book with your family and friends and explain to them that you have made a commitment to see this through for the next 6 months. Tell them that you will need their support and love to see you through. Explain to them that you have committed to working on your book and may have to take a back seat at some events but you also know you need to be surrounded by people who love you and will not completely step away from your relationships.



It starts with saying yes…yes to you…yes to your transformation…yes to the life you dream of.