1:1 Coaching: Write a Book for your Business!

This service will help you write your [business] book by combining strategy and ease.

This program will help female coaches and entrepreneurs share their message. They will

  • Grow their audience
  • Impact more lives
  • Make more sales
  • Support their families
  • Give back

But right now you aren’t at one of those stages…

  • You feel the call to go deeper in your message but you are insecure about writing a book.
  • You are looking to create a cash flow for savings.
  • Your friends have amazing forms of passive income that don’t appeal to you – you want to share YOUR story, not theirs!
  • You have taken a dab at writing but you haven’t been able to follow through or implement your story because it is personal.

You are not alone! These are the thoughts that are in the minds of other women – just like YOU! A lot of them are…

Insecure. Need support. Crave understanding. Going in circles. Feeling a deeper call for their message.

I have learned that having a personal guide/mentor by your side when you write is THE way.   You can…

  • Spend more time trying to find the RIGHT course to help you find your way.
  • Spend months going in circles trying to figure out what you should be doing to get this book out there – while – watching others write and launch their own book [and questioning every decision you make].
  • Spend money on a course for someone to tell you what worked for them and not what will help you write your book.
  • Keep working on it in parts and feel lost and behind every day as you see others succeed.

OR   You could get a customised writing package for YOUR UNIQUE STORY that uses your background, your thoughts and your personality to make a difference in the lives of others – so you can HAVE the success you want and the FREEDOM to touch lives with your message.   That’s what I discovered about my own story.   For all intents, my story is ugly!   It hasn’t had the bright, shining moments but it has taught me many things that have lead to put this down so you can read it today!   I have experienced emotional manipulation and abuse and I used writing to cope. I have gone through sexual violence and used writing to cope. I have contemplated suicide and used writing to pull me back off the ledge. I have used writing to cope with the loss of loved ones.   Writing has always been a part of me and my journey. It has taught me empathy and courage. I have seen time and again that everyone has a story and it deserves to be shared. Writing allowed me to come to terms with my past. Writing allowed me to have a path in life that I never thought was possible!

  • Confidence!
  • Joy!
  • Pride!

All these feelings surround me AND my business because of what writing has done for me and through me.


That’s where my Simply Strategic Book Writing Program comes in! * The book we are aiming to write in this Program is between 50-100 pages in length.

Stage 1 – Planning your book (4 weeks)

  • Discover the ‘WHY’ for your book.
  • Discover your unique idea that speaks to the heart of your ideal client [reader].
  • Create your writing strategy to ensure you FINISH writing the book.
  • Create your optimum writing schedule.

Stage 2 – writing your book (6 weeks)

  • Build authority and connect with your audience while you write your story.
  • Get feedback from your audience while you write.
  • Include your personality in your writing.
  • Gain confidence in your writing.

Stage 3 – sharing your book (4 weeks)

  • Create your launch plan.
  • Have your book polished.
  • Prepare your book for readers.
  • Prepare your business for the next level!

Each stage looks like this…

  • Weekly, 60-minute 1:1 calls with yours truly where we focus on YOU and your message.
  • Worksheets, videos and call questionnaires to help you prep for our call and to get the most out of them!
  • Check-ins via Facebook Messenger for a fast response.
  • Accountability to make sure you are taking the right steps to move your book forward.

Plus, these bonuses –

  • Access to my resource library for writers – filled with custom-made resources to help you take your story forward.
  • Extra support from the Women in Writing Facebook Group.
  • Bonus Video Training – How to Launch your Book the Right Way! [$147 value!]

I have signed up for, tried and joined so many courses, groups and webinars that ‘claim’ to show me how to write my story but I get to see how they did it. Their way hasn’t worked for me! This Simply Strategic Book Writing Program has all that I have used to write my own books AND get them out in the world. And all of this support is customised to fit YOU and your STORY!

“Before I worked with Mandy, I was actually going to cancel [the call]. I didn’t see how she could help me and get me telling my story. When we first began talking, I could feel her passion and desire to help me and actually fix the blocks I was having rather than put a band-aid on it.   Now, I am confident and motivated to finish my story and share it! Thanks, Mandy :)” ~ LC

Each stage is an investment of $6,000 for all 3 or $2.200 per stage.

FAQ's [click me]

  • I don’t have time!

This is something you have dreamed of doing for a long time. If you are not committed to seeing it through and making sacrifices to realise the dream then maybe this is not the right program for you?

  • It’s too expensive!

There is a payment plan for the Program. I know that your biggest need is to share your story and you have been spinning your wheels trying to do it yourself. You want to share your story but how will you do that if nothing you have done before has worked?   How can we make this Program a reality for you?

  • How do I know this is right for me?

It is right for you if it aligns with your vision and purpose. I want to help coaches and entrepreneurs share their story and touch lives. If you can understand that and relate to it – then this is right for you.

  • Is there a refund policy?

If we work together for a month, and you are not happy, we can discuss why and you can have your money back – fewer charges for the month.

  • How do I know I’m a good fit?

I work with female entrepreneurs who KNOW they have a story inside that is needed. I help you solidify your idea, write your book and share it with your audience.   If you are not ready to commit the time and effort to share your story and touch lives, then we are not a good fit for each other. I’m ready to work with women who are ready to be vulnerable and open with their audience. If you are not there yet, no problem. We can work together when you are.

“What first caught my eye about Mandy was her simple checklists. I think I asked for her ideas one because I was not confident about mine at all. She sent it through and it helped me get clear on my message and who I wanted to reach with it. She offered me a call and I took her up on it. Best decision ever! I cannot believe how much knowledge and passion Mandy has for books that she gave away on that call!   If you want to write your book and need some help – you need her. She is worth every penny and so much more!” ~ CC

It’s time you got to share your story!

It’s time to share your message with those that NEED it. It’s time to get your story in front of the right people that with move your business forward.   It’s time to take back your personal experiences and gain freedom.   It’s time to start your dream journey!