Share your story with the Authentic Author Program!

How would you feel if

  • You gained clients who WANTED to work with you?
  • You grew your audience with ease?
  • You shared your story and connected with your audience?
  • You felt confidence and security in your business?

That is amazing right? So it is time to focus on these…

  1. Times are uncertain – your business can THRIVE!
  2. Money is tight – you are a leader who INVESTS!
  3. Your story is traumatic – but changed your LIFE!
  4. Your business has a message – you WANT to share it now!

Share your story

Share your expertise

Share your vision

These are valid reasons and I had them too!

I was working in 2 businesses and I wanted to share my story but I couldn’t seem to get it done.

I felt I had to slog through and work past my boundaries. It was a mess until I took charge of what I wanted and my vision.

When I began to explore book writing and I talked to other women, I realised that I was not alone in feeling

  • nervous to share my story
  • worried about what others would think
  • excited about having a book out
  • happy about achieving a dream

I learned that a lot of women wanted to share their story but it wasn’t only knowing how to do it – it was the INNER transformation and support that was needed.

It transformed the way I wrote my books and allowed me to write 7 [to date] and build my business as I share my story.

My clients have released their books, grown their business and changed their lives as they have shared their story.

Program details:

  • Duration – 6 months
  • Voxer/WhatsApp support 24/7 and 1  60-minute call each month
  • A customised program to take you from story sharing idea to fully written first draft!
  • Coaching and healing to help you transform along your journey

I was new to opening up and so anti-mindset I couldn’t understand why what I had been through mattered. I was scared and ashamed of my life and the events that had shaped me. Rape, trauma, abuse and self-harm – why did that matter??

I was ashamed of who I was because of the events in my past. I also felt how could people connect to me after hearing my story…

I wanted to be seen as having it all together!

I had quit my job because I felt silenced and trapped but I was working so hard and using a message that didn’t feel completely my own.

Something needed to change –  what had to change was me opening myself up and sharing my story.

I needed to get the heart of my message, I needed to stop skimming the surface and go down deep. I needed to stop being afraid of my own story – of my past. 

I figured out a method to share my true message and scale my business with heart for myself and my clients.

I stepped up as a leader in my community with my own event, I wrote books that inspired and helped people and I stepped out every day with confidence and strength I felt from the inside out!


You desire

  • To share your experience of trauma and the powerful light you now stand in of your own healing and transformation
  • You know the true value of sharing your services in a book and ae ready to scale your business with a book
  • Writing your book from a place of healing so your story will help other women who are still trapped in the pain see where they are
  • Your business to impact the lives of those who interact with it with ease and simple processes

The Authentic Author Program is the answer you need for growth and connection that is unique to you.




  • A woman with a story and a desire to share it
  • Dreaming of stepping out on your stage and being a beacon of hope
  • Wanting to feel alive and energised instead of burnt out and uninspired
  • Excited about the fire that is slowly burning in you – waiting to be shared


Then this 1:1 package is for you!


Because when you get your story heard with your message, you can finally have the freedom and the impact you desire!

“What first caught my eye about Mandy was her simple checklists. I think I asked for her ideas one because I was not confident about mine at all. She sent it through and it helped me get clear on my message and who I wanted to reach with it. She offered me a call and I took her up on it. Best decision ever! I cannot believe how much knowledge and passion Mandy has for books that she gave away on that call!   If you want to write your book and need some help – you need her. She is worth every penny and so much more!” ~ CC

The Authentic Author Program:


You’ve already proven you are an inspiration. It’s time to shine and impact others as you grow.



This part of the program outlines the book and your story. It involves goal setting and vision work as well as looking at your beliefs.

Your purpose and how you shine from your heart is important in being authentic and open. In this phase, your unique book success path and plan are formed and flattened out.

The purpose you have will give you the strength to push through bad days.


Here we look at you and what is on your heart to share. How much do you open up? How do you share authentically? How do you ensure people keep reading AND want to move forward with you?

All those questions are answered and more!

In this phase, we get you ready to write and create your book’s inner content as well as other content pieces for launches and social media.


This is perhaps the biggest section as how passionate you are determines your success and whether you will finish the book.

It is vital and healthy to get your mind, body and emotions ready for the task ahead.

The feelings you feel will carry forward to your writing and extend to your reader. The feelings they get will determine if they finish your book and really get your message in their heart.

$7,500** for the whole Authentic Author Program


With just $7,500 you could be on your way to growing and scaling your business within 6 months.


You’re probably feeling that this is a big investment, however, it’s nothing compared to what it’s costing you to NOT be your authentic self and create the life you desire with ease and joy. What is REALLY stopping you from writing your story? 

  • Stop giving into fear that no one will buy!
  • Stop saying you have no time!
  • Stop wishing your story was out there!

The Authentic Author Program is for you if…

  • You know you want to share your story
  • You are ready to up-level your business
  • You are ready to experience true inner transformation
  • You are a heart leads first kinda girl
  • You want to step out authentically each time you share your message



  • You aren’t ready to grow your business
  • You are afraid to be honest with yourself
  • You’re scared to be vulnerable authentically and on your own terms
  • You want to do everything alone
  • You don’t want to experience inner transformation


The Authentic Author Program is all about finding, writing and sharing your story…because blending into the crowd and playing small is not how to win in life and business.

Best yet, it doesn’t have to take years or be overwhelming.

Give me 6 months to show you what true inner transformation and authenticity look like and you can watch your business can grow and scale without you feeling like a fraud and sacrificing time, money and relationships.

  • Can you imagine taking time off to be with your family?
  • What if you checked your calendar each week and felt excited?
  • What if you felt like YOU each time you shared your message?


It’s possible and I’m ready to help you!

I’m Mandy and I started my Book Writing Coaching business in 2017 to help women get the support and guidance they deserve as they set out to share their story.

When I wrote my first book, I failed to realise the power of the words I was writing and the impact they could have on my life and business.

When I wrote my second book, I was more prepared for the power of my words but not the triggers my story would have on me. I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of emotions I felt and it caused me to question my ability to write and share my story.

When I wrote my third book, I changed everything about my process and the whole experience changed! I felt free and liberated now and my story flowed. I didn’t have the emotional outbursts or insecurity that plagued me before. I felt inspired and motivated AND I didn’t have to write every day anymore. I had a schedule that worked FOR me.

I learnt so many lessons that I want to share with other women and help them be prepared and empowered as they share their own story.



I felt my book was my foundation to my coaching career. My main concern was that I wouldn’t click with Mandy but by having the free taster call that put my mind at rest. I liked how friendly Mandy is, and I feel I can message her any time for some help. She hasn’t made me feel silly or stupid for wanting to write when I really have no idea and English is not my best subject. ~ TR


I recommend that you spend approximately 3-5 hours a week on your book. I understand that you are running a business which is why we look at your business and put systems in place to keep it running while you write your book.

The work we do together to go from idea to written book is 6 months.*Editing is not included here. Editing and publishing would add another 6 months to the project.

I have payment plans available for the full package. When you schedule your call, you will be able to indicate whether you can pay in full or in instalments.

This depends on your business, the work we both put in and your audience. While I feel the inner transformation is worth more than any money back promise I also know that having cash in the bank matters too. You should expect to see results within a year.


*I cannot guarantee that you will walk away with a book but I can guarantee that you will experience true inner transformation as you free your true story.

I understand, which is why I make sure we look at your business as a whole and see where we can streamline and systematise it so you can have the time to write your book and know your business is still running.

Be open. Share your desire to write a book with your family and friends and explain to them that you have made a commitment to see this through for the next 6 months. Tell them that you will need their support and love to see you through. Explain to them that you have committed to working on your book and may have to take a back seat at some events but you also know you need to be surrounded by people who love you and will not completely step away from your relationships.

You will book a 45-minute assessment call with me to discuss this program and your role as well as mine during our time together.



It starts with saying yes…yes to you…yes to your transformation…yes to the life you dream of.