23 Types of Content to Post on Social Media

Content for social media platforms

In this blog post we are going to be looking at content and there are 23 things that you can do if you want to spice up the content that you are currently giving your readers across your blog and social media.

Whether it’s for your website/blog your Facebook Page/Group(s) or a podcast that you run or your YouTube channel, you can spice things up a bit because many of these things can be used across many social media platforms.

A tip I’ve recently come across – Google currently likes blog content that’s between 500-1,500 words. They used to like the really long posts that were 2,500-3,000 words (like this post!) but they have cut back a little bit and gone for shorter posts but not that short because they’re seeing that people like to skim content, they’re not spending all of Sunday trying to save and read blog posts. They’re doing it during a lunch time from what they’ve saved from earlier Facebook and website browsing. So anything about 500-1,500 words is acceptable. By all means if you’re doing a very long post, don’t feel like you have to cut it short and stop at 1,500 words. This is just a general outline and it’s only from Google, so it just depends- if you love Google and you want to rank high with them, that’s fine, just go with that – also make sure your content is SEO-friendly – then length doesn’t matter too much either!

Facebook and Blog:

1. The first thing we are going to look at is a list post, which in a way this post is a list post because it’s going to be a list of 23 types of content that you can post. So a list post could be – “5 things to help you with anxiety”.

2. Next on the list is cheat sheet posts. Create a post and include a free cheat sheet in it. Also it allows you to give them access to your resource library or give them access to free quality content that you know is going to make them come back.

3. You could do an entire blog post related to a freebie. And it would just be epic and awesome. You could do a whole post about that freebie and of course link to that freebie.

4. You could do a giveaway of something – either a product or a service or a course. With Facebook, beware that you are not violating their laws because they don’t like some elements when you’re doing a giveaway. If you’re looking for apps to help you, raffle copter is a good site to look at.
Top tip: always read the terms of service and privacy policy before doing a competition on any platform.

5. Look for ideas on social media. This a great post to do if you are like, “I am so stuck. I do not know what to do. I only know what to write this week”. Look on your social media sites. Look in a group, if you have a group where you hang out. What are your people saying? What are they asking this week? Is there a question where you’re like “I could have answered this differently? Or I could have spoken more about this?” and you can find some really great things to answer there. This is a great way to help people alleviate their fears about working with you or about something in your industry.

Facebook, Blog and Podcast:

6. The next thing I am looking at is a “best of” post. Maybe the best content of 2016. The best hotels to travel to if you’re in France etc.

7. What’s quite popular at the moment is a story post, or story content which is where you tell your story, you tell you’re why. Why are you in business? Why are you doing what you’re doing? What brought you to the place that you’re at now? It’s very popular because story connects people!

8. You can do pros and cons. For me – self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. Pros and cons of eating out vs eating in. or whatever fits your niche or your industry.

9. Open letters can be quite fun. No, I’m not talking about open letters to Donald Trump or any other large affiliate like that. Open letters to my daughter when she turns 16, or open letters to the dog that ate my shoes. Just something funny, you want it to be lighthearted and just get people involved with you and connecting on a not so serious, hardcore topic.

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Facebook, YouTube, Podcast and Blog:

10. Also the way you’re doing something content, like this content you can add your story in, as a tutorial. “How to make scotched eggs”, “how to apply make up for the busy mom.” How to’s can be quite cumbersome in a sense that you need to have good quality images or even a short video to show people the process.

11. You could do the history or a time line of something. This is quite interesting to do in fashion; you do a time line of Coco Chanel or Dolce and Gabbana, just showing a history of how they came to be. There was one post that I saw recently about the history of lipstick in the early 1800’s and how they used lead and how lipstick has come to where we are now. So that could be quite fun and quite interesting as well, for you, as well as your audience.

12. You could do link roundups from your niche. Find people that are in your niche or your industry and reach out to them and see if they’d like to do a link up post and talk about a series of topics, one for each person in the linkup. I would love to do one for editors or for people who write content and write books and just see how we could link up and show other people that there are other people in the industry and they are not alone. It also helps to grow your audience as well because you are sharing the same audience for that post. Instead of sharing with 1,000 people, you are now reaching 6 or 7,000 people. So you will have the impact of reaching more people. You could also do a link roundup of your

Instead of sharing with 1,000 people, you are now reaching 6 or 7,000 people. So you will have the impact of reaching more people. You could also do a link roundup of your favourite podcasts in your niche. A good tip, though is to include an episode that you particularly enjoy because it can be quite overwhelming to get onto podcasts because there are so many and you ask yourself where do I start? Do I start at the beginning? Do I start with what interests me? So it might be a good idea to include the top 3 episodes just to help people get into podcasts if they’re not used to it, and to introduce them to whom you like to listen to.

13. The next thing we are going to look at is your own case study or you’ve proven something. So, what I saw recently was a woman in her 30’s dressed up like Kendall Jenner for about a week and she described how people looked at her and how she felt, and how people were attracted to her, how men saw her and spoke to her, and just looking at how fashion like that for a 20 year old compared to a 35 year old. Just how it relates and sees how people view you differently. the takeaway there is that age doesn’t really matter, just how you see yourself, because clothing is just what you wear, not who you are. So if you have done something you can lay it out as a case study as well.

14. Little known facts about your industry and you niche. Give people a behind the scenes look at things that have changed or things that they may not be aware of.

15. You can do a post of your most popular posts. Because they’re so popular you might be getting people that aren’t aware of your other popular posts and aren’t aware of what you may have done a while ago that is still popular or is still relevant. You can go through your google analytics to see how many people have viewed your page or your posts or whatever it is. Just make a list of popular posts. If you do a post of this sort, even numbers do not work as well; also make it SEO-friendly!

16. You can do, “10 Things I can’t live without”. This is one that would have to be niche or industry based. So “10 Things I Can’t Live Without in my Makeup Business”. I can’t live without my cooking business. Whatever it is that relates to you in your niche. These are quite popular posts as well and I do think it gets quite a lot of engagement.

17. “10 Things I Didn’t Know About the Fashion World or Business Industry”, is another post you could do as well.

18. You could also do a post just featuring top podcasts. So this could be across your industry as well as other industries. For me, personally, I listen to a lot of business and self-help or the motivational podcasts. Although there are not very many in my own niche which is writing and editing. I can’t listen to podcasts; I have to actually read the content. But self-help and business content are what I like to enjoy on a podcast. so you could make a post about what you listen to on podcasts as well as the episodes and it’s also a good thing to inform the owners of the podcasts that you are linking to them in your post about podcasts, just to show them that you are showing interest, you enjoy their show, that you’re linking back to them, that you’re opening them up to a new audience as well.

Facebook, YouTube and Blog:

19. Before and after posts so, before you did something compared to after you’ve done something are good for things like case studies and testimonials possibly for your course or for your program/service.

20. Book reviews. This is a good thing to do if you read a book; it’s nice to do a book review about it. You can get affiliate links. The most popular are Amazon or Book Utopia and just get the affiliates links and have them on your site and you can make a little bit of revenue from there. But I would suggest not doing that if you’re not going to do book reviews very often. If you did them once every 2 or 3 months, it would be more work than actual benefit getting your affiliate links set up. But if you are going to focus on just reviewing books and content than it might make it more worthwhile.

21. Share a routine in your niche, so maybe share how you created content. Or how you set up your yoga routine or YouTube videos for your yoga routine, or whatever your niche is.

22. Behind the scenes is actually quite popular especially on Instagram just to show you behind the scenes. How you’re setting up for your launch or how you’re setting up for a photo shoot or what happens behind the scenes when you’re creating a launch.

23. The last one is recommendation posts. So this is where you recommend something to somebody. It’s similar to a review in a way but here you are more recommending that someone uses this or recommending going to check out the new restaurant – they can find it on YouTube because it will benefit them in this way by helping with whatever problem it is because the content will be niche based unless you have no niche. You blog about anything and everything. Which hopefully then you’ll never run out of content because everything is open to you!

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