3 Reasons Why your Book Idea is so Important


I love writing but it wasn’t until I sat down and started writing my own book that I realised just how vital the initial idea is.

Today, I want to talk with you and discuss 3 reasons why it’s so important, ready?

Your book idea is the foundation for your book.

Without your idea, you have no book because you have no story. You need an idea to get you started along the path.

One of my first forays into writing books was a short story called ‘Heart of a Hurricane’ [I have it somewhere?] and the main character was a hurricane and how it affected the lives of two people, both physically and emotionally. I got the idea from the news as they reported on a hurricane along the Florida coast and in the Caribbean Sea.

It was fascinating to explore the character of such a powerful yet uncomfortable force. In the past, it reflected my own journey and state of mind at that time, yet that idea sparked my first book. Without it, I never would have tried to write.

The idea formed the foundation of the characters, storyline and settings.

The idea is important for story development.

The Idea Starts you on a Journey of Self-Discovery

Not every idea will pan out, reach the writing stage or reach the end but you will still learn a valuable lesson.

I like to think of it as running a marathon. The race doesn’t matter as much as the pre-race work. The race won’t be won without the discipline and dedication of training.

Deciding to run is the same as getting your idea. But you can’t go off and start because you will burn out, right?

You need to plan your diet, routine and training around your desire. It’s the same with your book idea: you need to outline, strategise and write.

Along the way, you will learn so much about yourself and your abilities. But it all starts with your idea.

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The idea makes or breaks your book.

With a bad idea, no matter how hard you tweak it, you will never feel fully happy and excited to work through and see it through.

The right idea will have you sailing along under much calmer seas.

Which idea do you want to go with: a good one or a bad one?

Also, will a good idea help my business or will it hinder it?

As a business owner, you would never want to intentionally hurt your business, right?

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