3 Things I did to Prepare for my First Speaking Event


Speaking about books and writing them is a dream of mine and this week I will get the opportunity to do just that!

This event requires me to do a 20-minute talk after a luncheon with business women in my community. They asked me to come to talk to them and I am proud to be going and sharing on

  • Determining your Book “why”
  • The self-publishing process on Amazon

I thought I would be more nervous at this moment than I am but all I feel is excitement and happiness 🙂

But even though I am so happy, I am also preparing for it by doing these 3 things:

Addressing my Fears

Public speaking is a whole different ball game to Facebook Live and as such, I wrote a note to myself about my fears and concerns.

Getting them off my chest – so to speak – is a weight off!

No one will ever read that letter but it’s out of me and the negative energy is gone too. By looking at these fears head-on, I have eliminated them from hovering over me and causing me to get anxious.

I was lucky enough to have gone to one of their events before so I know the layout and some of the members already – bonus! Addressing my fears has helped me to come to terms with limiting beliefs and mindset issues.

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My first speaking event Is coming up and I did 3 things to help me prepare for it. Discover what they are today! @mandyhalgreen #speaking #event #talk

Practising my Speech

My cat was not amused in the slightest while I told him my speech.

I set my timer for 20 minutes and began. Blue stared at me for a few minutes and then left so I had to practice alone but I wasn’t too concerned. What I wanted to do was practice my timing and see if my notes flowed.

I wrote a few key points on some sticky notes and used them as a reference. I just about finished my speech when the timer went off so I won’t go over time but I will keep practising 😉

My Wardrobe

I am not a glam girl by any means so this has been the biggest challenge – “what do I wear?”

Luckily, it is not fully summer yet so I don’t have to panic about exhausting heat but I do want to be comfortable. I decided to do my nails and get my hair done as well.

They say presentation is everything and I guess it is but it’s not the biggest concern I have because my talk is my biggest focus.

I am going to wear a pantsuit – I think? It’s been pressed and my shoes are ready so that is ready.

I guess all that’s left is the event itself?


I tell myself that this event is a great introduction to my business locally but also for me to start on the road to speaking about books – it’s funny when you get to a goal and you realise how much it means to you and your bigger goals, right?

What would you do differently if you were going to speak at an event?

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