5 Lessons I Learnt after I Shared my First Short Story


At the beginning of July, I started a new feature in my Facebook Group – #coffeebreakshortstories – a chance to share short fiction stories and have some fun. I wanted to start it because I had a fiction series in my head but I had been so caught up in the non-fiction world and I felt scared about diving into fiction again.

I realised I wasn’t the only one with fears. Many women may be experiencing fears too and would just like the chance to take the first step in safety. So, I created the #coffeebreakshortstories. 🙂

Along the way, I learnt 5 valuable lessons, keep reading to find out what they are!

I learnt that sharing can be hard!

Strange to say, since what I do is helping people share their story, I know fear is involved but I hadn’t anticipated the amount of fear I felt when I was about to share my fiction story. It opened my eyes to the fears people have when they come to me and prepare to share their own story.

I’m so grateful for the experience!

I learnt that it’s important to step up!

I shared my first story and I felt pride. I had stepped up and overcome my fears:

  • What if my Group members didn’t enjoy it?
  • What if there was a spelling mistake or something grammatical?
  • What if my short story fizzled out and I lost the love?


Each of these fears is common and especially the last one – some stories do fizzle out. Spelling and grammatical errors happen and even the best can miss them so accept that fact and move on! What I write may or may not be to the liking of everyone but that can’t stop me from sharing! I shared the next chapter and the next and as I did my fears grew smaller and smaller.

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I learnt that everyone brings something new!

The series has grown and new members have stepped up. It is a chance for them to grow too, to try new things and to express themselves in a new form of creativity. Each story that they share brings a new element, theme, idea and feeling to the mix.

It’s fun to see how they think and craft their work. There are no strict “rules” in fiction so anything goes – but as long as the story has a base in truth and reality. We allow stories as long as they align with our #coffeebreakshortstories rules!

I learnt I like to write dialogue!

In my stories, I write heavy dialogue and not much else. I’m a visual person and I can see the scene playing out in my mind. As I’m writing, I can write the dialogue and envision what’s happening. I enjoy dialogue and my mind flows but…

I learnt I need to add more description!

Dialogue is great but I also need to include some description so the reader can see what I can in my mind. Bearing in mind, the “show don’t tell” rule – a challenge! Each time I write a new chapter I have been conscious to include more description. It’s been fun and what I do is write the dialogue then go back and add in the descriptions and details.


I have learnt so much and I’m so grateful for the chance to learn. Often sharing our lessons is hard and I admit I struggled with putting this together. But I’m not perfect! Give me someone’s life and story – I’m in my element 🙂

I’m excited to see the short stories grow and develop – are you keen to join in? Hop on over to my Facebook Group and answer the questions to join in the fun. We also have monthly themes on sharing and story writing, Q and A, Masterclasses and #dailyjournalprompts. 

Join us for more writing fun!

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