5 Questions to Ask to Get Inspired Ideas!


I often get asked how I churn out ideas for my books and stories. It’s often a “Wow! You’re amazing” or “I can’t believe how easy you make it look!”

In the beginning, it wasn’t!

It was hard and I had to push myself, I had to learn and grow.

But I then got smart 😉

I figured out what 5 questions to ask to help get ideas that blew people [and clients] away!


Ready to learn what they are?

1. What is something that you would like your ideal clients to know or have done to be ready to work with you?

This is a biggie, right?

Actually, is this something you have considered? I didn’t not for a long time and now it is something I do often.

If you want your clients to be ready to work with you then you want them at a specific stage in life/business.

By creating an E-book that gets them to that stage – it should be no trouble to get them to move onto working with you. It’s a logical progression.

What is something you want to write about?

2. Is there something they always ask you/you see they need?

This can tie in with number one but it is flexible.

I often get asked about ideas, strategy and self-publishing so I could put together a bundle and answer their questions.

But, even more, they need to understand that writing is a transformative process. It’s not just putting words onto paper and expecting them to change someone. They have to change the writer first!

What do your clients need?

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Ideas can come in a rush or not at all. These 5 questions help me stay inspired and motivated! @mandyhalgreen #questions #ideas

3. Is there something in your business that you can go into more depth about in a Book?

There are some things that a message just doesn’t do justice to in answering someone’s problem. Even a call isn’t long enough!

This is where a book can really be an asset and help you. By going into depth and solving the issue, you can help your clients more.

4. Do you have FAQ's that you could use in a book?

If you don’t get annoyed by FAQ’s then you must be awesome because they can feel SO boring answering the same questions over and over…[It doesn’t matter how much you love your business!]

By putting them in a book, you can create more sales and show people your value at the same time!

5. What is something about your biz that you would love to share with your audience?

I love sharing how transformative and impactful writing a book is!

I would love my audience to understand and know that too – so I can show them by putting it into a book. I can take them with me on my journey!

A case study, testimonial, course outline, sample chapter of a book or even a short story that precludes your book are all things you can use to share with your audience the amazing work that you do.


Each of these questions gives you an insight into your clients and business and helps you answer the question, “what can I write about?”

Over in The Resource Library are some resources to help you take your ideas further down the road towards becoming books. 


So, what do YOU want to write about?

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