5 things entrepreneurs can learn from the Kardashians!


Love them or hate them, the Kardashian clan have influenced the last few years of pop culture and fashion. From the highs to the lows, they have laid their lives out there for us all to gawk and comment on – and there have been some epic moments!

But through it all, they have made millions! They have launched empires and while they have had [mega] success there was also failure too. A family that plays together and stays together! At the end of the day, family comes first for the Kardashian clan.

Now, I am not an all-out fan. I do watch the show on occasion but I’m not gonna freak out if I miss it! I did, however, catch the 10th anniversary special and it got me thinking…

You may not like the clan and what they do but the one thing you HAVE to admire is they know how to market and share their product with their audience. So, I was watching the show and writing down my thoughts and I came up with 5 things we can learn from the Kardashians. Today, I want to share them with you!

1. Keep it real - AKA be authentic!

A lot of people comment and say the show is fake and I admit I have had times when I have said that but after watching the producers and ‘background people’ talk about the family…oh and Kourtney’s son Mason [he calls the film crew ‘the filmers’ – too cute – it is real. They have shared a lot of personal as well as business journeys with us and allowed us to ‘see’ what they see and feel at high and low moments. It may feel scripted sometimes but that’s just that moment.

They have been open, honest and vulnerable – Bruce’s transition, Kourtney and Scott’s relationship, Khloe’s body and marriage to Lamar, Kim’s marriage and divorce and her pregnancies and the growth of Kendall and Kylie into fashion and beauty icons…

2. Share your story - I freaking love this one!

I write books and I love this one because it’s something I truly believe in and I wish more people knew.

Their stories have not been all roses and fun. There have been bad, even dangerous moments but that hasn’t stopped them from believing and sharing with their fans. It takes courage and strength to do that. That’s why family is so important to them because they can draw on each others strength.

No matter the size of your family – you have support and people who love you so you too can share your story and make an impact. I had to put that in there 🙂

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3. Follow your dreams - AKA follow your heart!

They are where they are today because they followed their dreams. It wasn’t easy and pretty [sometimes] but they did it and ARE doing it. There is NO reason you can’t.

Yup, I tell myself that one every day!

4. Hard work - AKA it’s not just glam!

They look perfect, right? But it took them – ok let’s say it – 10 YEARS to get there! It may be shorter or longer for you but to get to the end you have to start and WORK!

If you want it handed to you…maybe you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur..?? [Just saying?!]

I don’t think I could ever do what they do

  • Have appearances.
  • Cameras following their lives.
  • Having their picture snapped constantly.
  • Having their lives exposed like that.


I can’t do that!

And it’s ok. It’s not for everyone.

But if you work hard you can have your own ‘Kardashian’ life.

5. You deserve to put yourself first - AKA there’s no guilt in that!

This one really got to me and made me consider a lot!

I hate putting myself first because what if I hurt other people or wasn’t there when they needed me?

I also couldn’t be me if I was trying to please everyone….

I felt torn in so many directions…

There wasn’t enough of me to manage it all.

Once I made myself a priority, things changed.

  • I took care of myself!
  • I was there more [ because I wasn’t worried about not being somewhere else anymore].
  • I lived in the moment, not the past or future.
  • I was happier – and I honestly thought I was happy before..??


When you put this all together, you get an amazing brand – that sells!


  1. Be authentic!
  2. Share your story!
  3. Follow your heart!
  4. Work hard!
  5. You matter!

Now, go forth and create your Kardashian life!


P.S. I had fun with this post and it’s nice to write about serious things in a fun way 😉

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