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Writing my book “Eagle Wind Soul” is a testament to the fact that if there is one thing that I have learnt it is that my capacity to love and my inner strength is far greater than my heartaches and hardships.

What i cover in my book

When everything feels like it is falling apart I consider it as giving me the space to make a fresh start. A problem presents itself to me because it is confident that it is me who has the solution.

So what are some of the problems I cover in my book?

  •  Being homeless
  •  Being held hostage
  •  Living in a foreign country
  •  Leaving soul-destroying jobs
  •  Getting caught up with drugs and lies
  •  Walking away from domestic violence
  •  Having the love of my life die in my arms
  •  Choosing to stand alone and not follow the crowd
  •  Holding down two jobs to further full-time education
  •  My baptism of fire with an adult with learning difficulties

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Adversity comes in many forms and those mentioned above are but a few. I perceive that when I confront my own pain within my problems I am also confronting the pain and problems of the other person involved. Looking through eyes of compassionate love I can see how similar we are.

Adversity seeks clarity on my part about how I feel about what is happening and am I going to stand for it! In essence, adversity is an opportunity in disguise and an invitation to bring out the best in me. Adversity has taught me to stand on my own two feet so that I no longer need to prop up any beliefs that do not support me. In the theatre of life, I no longer let my inner critic determine the performance I give. My mistakes are valuable reminders that I am fully human and that I have the good fortune to learn, transform,
grow and move on in a positive way that brings out the best in me. My experiences do not define who I am. How I evolve from my experiences is who I am.


More than anything it is my faith in my own spiritual source that continues to sustain my love of people and life. It is my wellspring of hope, curiosity, laughter, playfulness, courage, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, kindness and understanding. What fascinates and captivates me the most is my soul’s desire to absorb and unfold love. It is a fount of insights and inspiration that gives me a sense of fulfilment, joy, contentment and inner peace when I dare to open my mind and engage my heart.

I no longer deny myself the existence of a solution right now and for the future because the future is merely an expansion of this moment. It is the dawn of a new day that invites me to rise, shine and have my breakthroughs too.


Let me leave you now with this thought to consider. It is never too late for new beginnings and a fresh approach. Every experience is an exchange with a hidden gift inside. Delight can be found when the gift is unwrapped with love because you are the gift. Celebrate this gift because it is a miracle unfolding and that miracle is you.

About Alexandra

Alexandra says – The purpose of my life is to be, love and celebrate who I am as I look for the best in me and life. I’m here to touch souls and being an author, artist and life coach gives me the joy of connecting with more people.


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