Behind the scenes of Overcomers!

The Idea

Overcomers is a new book that I wrote with several female entrepreneurs.

The idea for a collaborative book came to me a few months ago. I wasn’t sure what we would all write about in the beginning but I knew I wanted to work with women. As I put feelers out, the thing that kept coming to me was ‘overcoming trauma’.

I was going through a rough patch and my PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) was particularly bad! I was struggling to keep myself together and move forward. I didn’t know what to do.

I sent out the suggestion of using ‘trauma’ or our past experiences as the basis of our stories. It was met with overwhelming approval! Thus, Overcomers was born.

During the first writing stage, I began to feel overwhelmed and emotional. I felt battered and on edge. I struggled to apply myself to the work the women were putting into their chapters. A decision had to be made!

Do I continue or not?

I remember the day I sent that email out. I felt ashamed and afraid of their reaction. Part of the email read – “I have decided – after much deliberation – to stop work on the Overcoming Trauma book of which you are involved. This was a difficult decision but one I had to make.

I do want to continue with it at a later date and I will contact you when I have made the decision to continue.

This decision caused guilt and heartbreak for me but I know it is not the end of the road with this book!

I want to take this time to thank you for the time and effort you have already put into this book! I am grateful for each and every positive email and message that has come through during our time together.

Thank you for your story and I look forward to contacting you in the future.”

As you can imagine I had tears and a lot of work to do on myself before I was comfortable with the decision.

What the decision taught me!

The biggest lesson I learnt was that I HAD to make time for self-care. That I had to take care of myself. (Actually, I am still learning that!) Anyway, I took some time off and then I reassessed my feelings towards the book. I was now

  • Excited
  • Motivated
  • Passionate
  • Inspired

All good feelings about the project!

So, I reached out to the women again. Many come back on board. Some chose not to. I also gained new faces to the project 🙂

For the next few months, we pushed and propelled ourselves towards launching in December (the 15th, actually!). I was excited about this book!

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Overcomers is a book I wrote in conjunction with several entrepreneurs. Come share in this experience with us (and get your copy!)


I was thrilled with my personal growth as the launch approached. I wasn’t afraid or intimidated by my past, I was MOTIVATED!

I LOVE what I do and I am immensely grateful that I get to help people share their stories and leave a legacy.

The launch was incredible! I had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the day. You can still get your copy on Amazon!

My biggest lesson from Overcomers!

This book has been written and worked on for most of 2017 and the biggest lesson I learnt was what my business was going to be in 2018!


That’s right, friends – my business is shifting to help YOU share your story to

  • Leave a legacy!
  • Grow your business!
  • Inspire your audience!

Become an AUTHOR!

I love stories and I know that not everyone feels that they are worth it or even have anything to say. I know this because I spent a large portion of 2017 believing it myself. So, I have been working on training and courses as well as adapting my signature 1:1 coaching program to accommodate story sharing.

I believe in you and the story inside you. You deserve to have your story told and my goal for 2019 is to help 10 women write and share their story!


Are you feeling inspired to share your story?

Are you ready to leave a legacy?

Are you ready to inspire future generations?

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