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Blog posts are grouped into three sections:
  • Business
  • My Writing Journey
  • Fiction
Each section focuses on giving you the best posts and resources at your fingertips!
My main focus is sharing stories and there will be many posts focusing on this as the Blog grows. My goal is to help you move towards writing a book for your business and up-levelling your business OR a book that shares your legacy.
A book for your business will help you:
  • gain visibility
  • increase your authority
  • boost your credibility
and so much more!
I want you to have the business of your dreams and a freedom-based lifestyle!
A book for yourself will help you accomplish a dream and leave behind a connection to the past and your own experiences.
If you have any ideas or would like to reach out, you can do so here!
Happy reading!


Is there a need to be an Indie Author? @mandyhalgreen
In business, you always need an edge, something that will stamp your authority in your industry and today I am going to talk about a short-read book.
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My Writing Journey

A look at the top 10 apps and tools I use in my daily writing @mandyhalgreen
I have reviewed my 2017 and I invite you to come and review it with me! @mandyhalgreen
I share my journey with writing and PTSS in this post. @mandyhalgreen
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When you start your novel do you define it? In other words do you plan it? The length, the characters and their backstories, the settings. In this post all these aspects, and more are discussed. You also receive a free cheat-sheet! @mandyhalgreen
Research makes your novel real and believable. Here are 4 ways to do that! @mandyhalgreen
Your protagonist is the main character in your novel. Learn how to craft them well! @mandyhalgreen
Find out how you can use story boarding to write your book!
I love developing plots with my clients! Today, I want to share 6 ways to do that with you. @mandyhalgreen