Book to Clients
1:1 Coaching Program

Ease and flow on your business book writing journey


'Book to Clients' is designed to help you work on your book according to your skills and strengths and using your creative outlets.

Maybe that means creating audio pieces, using sticky notes or social media snippets.

Your book is a big part of your business and a vision you have held for a while.

It's time to break it down, start creating and finally realize your vision!

Mandy Halgreen Book Writing Coach Photo
Mandy Halgreen,
Book Writing Coach
During the past few years that I’ve written several books, I’ve come to realize that it’s not about adding more tasks to your plate, but rather doing 2-3 things well to create from your heart.

There are 3 key steps that help you use the time you do have to realize the vision for your book, without feeling like you have to sacrifice relationships, health or money:

1st Key

Alignment with your vision and goals

2nd Key

Developing an outline for a solid foundation

3rd Key

Creating and following your own strategy

Program Outline

Month One

Onboarding call and program walkthrough

Develop your book vision

Start outlining your book

Decide which stories to include

Define your mindset practice

Ongoing support through Voxer

Month Two

1 Hour Coaching call

Complete your book outline

Start writing your book content

Begin mapping out your course

Ongoing support through Voxer

Month Three

1 Hour Coaching call

Continue writing your book content

Develop course assets

Month Four

1 Hour Coaching call

Discuss Social Media Strategy and techniques

Testing Social Media techniques

Finalize course assets

Editing your book (by Mandy)

Month Five

1 Hour Coaching call

Create a plan for your book and course launch

Finalize Social Media marketing plan

Ongoing support through Voxer

Month Six

1 Hour Coaching call

Tweak all assets and plans

Launch your Book and Course!

Ongoing support through Voxer


Access to all Mandy's Book Writing courses and resources

In this 6 month* program, we will:

1. map out your book 2. develop your strategy 3. plan your evergreen sales roadmap

* program duration depends on goals and milestones reached in each stage, some clients may complete the program within a shorter time frame.

Applications open 30 April 2021


 1 x $7,500 (pay in full)
6 x $1,500 (payment plan)