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The following link is an AFFILIATE LINK and I will receive a commission for every sale. I believe that this program is worth the investment and I endorse it.


Art was not my best subject in school. As much as I loved it, I did not have the skill or requirements to actually be considered ‘good’ – at least by my teachers’ standards.

Tough but true. My skill lies more in writing.

But, you like me, know that at one point or another you are going to need a quality Book Cover designed by a wonderful, artistic and inspired individual.

I have just the service you need!

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Book cover and social media graphics for your book launch do not have to give you a headache! Here is one solution! @mandyhalgreen

Designed By Adriannia

Designed By Adriannia is a service and product based business that provides designs to entrepreneurs and coaches with books or other such products that need quality, eye-catching looks to draw in and attract clients.

I have partnered with Adriannia to bring you here work and services to take the stress of you. I believe she offers these amazing services because she is passionate about you and the work you do.

Click the button below and check out her offers today!

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