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When I look for someone to do a job for me, I look for someone who is passionate about their work, someone who goes above and beyond to ensure the job is done exactly as it should be done. I look for someone who is not afraid to ask questions and is willing to compromise.

You probably feel the same way about hiring an editor! I specialise in fiction and non-fiction only. Take a look at the outline below and see if we would be a good match.

Fiction and non-fiction books

I specialise in editing fiction and non-fiction books. Many of the books I edit are written for ‘mainstream’ audiences and are geared towards genre fiction. I will not rule out working with literary fiction. These books may include complex ideas and I help make sure they are communicated clearly.

Printed or e-books

The manuscripts I edit may become printed books, e-books or both. The editing process is similar in each case.

Subject matter specialities

Although I am open to any genre, I am especially drawn to the following:

  • Modern mystery/thriller
  • Historical mystery/thriller
  • Contemporary romance
  • Children’s fiction
  • Essays
  • Blog posts
  • Website copy

Who are my clients?

My clients are mostly individual authors looking to self-publish or to submit their manuscripts to traditional publishers and agents.

Whether you are an author or a publisher, we will most likely work together successfully if:

  • You believe your books will make a difference in people’s lives. Writing and publishing is a marathon, not a sprint, and if making a quick buck is your motivation I will not be the editor for you.
  • You value quality. I take pride in being thorough and ensuring the highest quality is attained. If you are happy with a sloppily prepared book, I am not the editor for you.

Analytical thinking and thoroughness

When I read through a manuscript, my goal is not to criticise but to improve the manuscript. I look at what it is saying and how it says it. Does it progress logically? Are the characters and settings consistent throughout the manuscript? Does the ending feel rushed? Every book has something valuable to say but if it is presented haphazardly your readers will miss it.

A manuscript is not edited until it has

  • An overall structure that is easy to follow; consistent characters and settings and a well-rounded plot
  • Well organised paragraphs
  • Clear, concise sentences
  • A unique writing style that is pleasing to the ear and appeals to the audience

But I do not revise simply to revise. I strive to retain your unique voice and viewpoint. It is your book, not mine after all.

A pleasant working environment

I am not afraid to ask questions when needed but I will not pester you. I will follow your preferences for when and whether I should query you before making significant changes. I provide helpful suggestions, not harsh criticisms.

I strive to make working together a pleasant experience for both of us.

Are we a match?

If you have the right kind of project for me and feel we are a match then view the packages below and contact me for a free consultation.

The packages below are geared for a final word count of 20 000 – 50 000!

This package focuses on what you will receive during substantive line editing .
This package focuses on what you will receive during substantive line editing .
Create a customised editing package to suit your needs.
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