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Women in Writing

I created the Group as a place for women to share their experiences of writing and gain confidence in themselves.


I believe in supporting and encouraging each and every woman in my Group to follow her dreams and to write with passion and confidence. Often, we have stories so dark that have shaped our lives and writing we need to learn to write using our stories as pillars of strength, not as shields to hide behind.

Each day, there are prompts to guide and encourage you to engage and share your writing.

Come and join us in my free Facebook Group and let your writing shine!
  • Go-getter Sunday – set out your goals and plans for the week and support each other.
  • Mindset Monday – focus on what is stopping you from achieving your goals and actively develop a mindset to be an overcomer.
  • #tiptuesday – share a tip or trick from your niche/industry.
  • Social Wednesday – share the love for a book you have read or are reading right now! Supporting an author by giving their work exposure helps them grow their reach and their legacy. #authorlove
  • Training Thursday – (My favourite day!) I provide video training on a part of the writing process that you are struggling with. You are welcome to suggest topics for future Training!
  • Feedback Friday – struggling to get your words out or feel insecure about an upcoming writing project? Today you get to share your project and receive feedback to help you improve and use your words to shine!
  • Self-care Saturday – as writers we are constantly drawing from our internal reserves of emotion and will. It is important to take time to refuel and re-energise our mind and body.

Are you ready to join us?

I hope you are ready to join us and become a part of an amazing community of women using writing to grow and share their message!


I can’t wait to meet you and support you!