#holidayhopestories – Michele’s Story


Hi, I’m Michele Marie Liddle from Norfolk, UK and I am a social media and business strategist helping female entrepreneurs build their business online and win high ticket clients. I am also a blogger, podcast host, copywriter and co-author.

How did you get started?

It all started with my blog really. I had just stopped homeschooling my stepson and needed an outlet that helped me with my creativity, and mental health. I soon realised that I knew so many more amazing women that I could share them on my blog to inspire other and Women Of Wisdom was born. This then grew into me writing for other blogs and learning how to write to get sales which I loved so I started to charge for my copywriting. I have an advanced diploma in life coaching and a certification in social media marketing, plus 16 years sales experience (6 of which were growing businesses through social media) so it made sense to put it all together in a 1:1 coaching programme for clients.

What did you have to overcome to take the steps towards doing what you love?

Oh, A huge amount I still do daily. Especially as I made a big investment myself in a 1:1 business and mindset coach to move my business forward. I must daily overcome blocks, mindset issues from my own limiting beliefs and keep moving forward as I know the women, I serve need the best of me. I intend to not give them anything less. I have a book coming out in January which I am a co-author in and that will be totally out of my comfort zone, with press and media interviews, but it all helps me to grow into a total badass boss babe for my clients to benefit from.

What or who inspires you each day?

I have a few people; my grandad is a major inspiration he is sadly no longer with us, but I am so much like him as he was always giving back to his community and the royal air force right up until he died. This is part of why I am launching a new business in January to help women within the military (all will be revealed Jan 2019). My husband, he is my main why as I want to retire him, so he can be here with us and not have to go away for work. My coach is a daily motivation I first met her through my blog, then she had me on her podcast and now we have been working together for a few months now and have a great friendship too. She is so knowledgeable, motivating and inspires me every day to lead with my heart.

What is your favourite quote or affirmation?

My favourite quote ever I have tattooed on my arm “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” Marilyn Monroe

Do you have a morning [or daily] routine - what is it and how does it serve you?

I do yes, morning routines I believe are so important to set you up for the day especially if you are serving and growing. My routine starts with Water, meditation and a motivational talk before my feet even hit the ground. Then I have breakfast, shower, do a bit of housework then journal. I then sit at my desk and put on an audiobook, motivation speech or some high vibe music to get me into the zone. I always finish my day by switching off, some lavender tea and a book, followed by gratitude.

What big goal(s) do you have for 2019?

So, 2019 is going to be amazing! I have the book I co-authored in Mumpreneurs on Fire 4 coming out which is 19th Jan2019. I am also launching my new membership site to help women in the military life out with working from home and starting businesses. As well as taking my own coaching business to even higher levels.

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