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At the end of September 2014, I told my boss I was quitting. I would serve out my 3 months till the end of my contract and then I would be gone. I remember how she tried to convince me to stay, how she bribed me and resorted to blackmail. I didn’t back down.

I realised I couldn’t be blackmailed, torn down, or have my credibility destroyed day after day. Things at work were bad but my personal life wasn’t perfect either.

December 2014

By the end of 2014, I had decided to start Private Tutoring for High School students in my community. I was nervous but also excited for the new chapter in my life – surprising since I wasn’t sure it would work and I had taken a huge step in my life. I had left the stability of my 9-5 and began life as an entrepreneur.

My personal life too was about to take a dramatic turn. I had become friends with and was being manipulated by a man whose sole purpose was to destroy me. I finally met him in person at the end of December and my gut told me to be afraid but he had helped me take a stand and build my confidence enough to leave my job and start my own business. I couldn’t believe he could hurt me.


I started my business and it was slow going at first. I had my ups and downs and I had a great circle of friends from my new “boyfriend”. I enjoyed what I was doing and even started a blog. I fell in love with writing again!

Things seemed to be going well…

6 months later I was a basket case. I had no sense of self, my identity was warped. I needed validation from my “boyfriend” for everything and I couldn’t function without him.

It all came to a head when a friend of his came to visit. All his lies were exposed but I couldn’t see it. I kept trying to keep things normal but he was done with me. He had torn me down and I was a pawn for anyone to manipulate.

A friend in the group pulled me away from him and towards her circle. It still wasn’t me. I could see who I wanted to be but was it ok to leave these friends? How do I do it without being rude?

In the meantime, I was coming to the end of my first year in business and yearning to take my blog in a new direction. I had always had this dream to write books but I had been told, “You’re too young”. I decided to look into book writing in 2016 – it couldn’t hurt, could it?

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I share my own journey to writing books and sharing stories with you today. #books #writing #stories @mandyhalgreen


I began to look into book writing and I enjoyed what I was learning so much that I brought a new website in 2016 and started writing about books and writing them. I had fun learning about blogs and writing. I also joined several group programs to grow my blog and business. I enjoyed it and I felt a renewed sense of purpose and worth. I felt I wasn’t drowning but swimming. I had a sense of doing something bigger, something of value with my words and message.

At the same time, I drifted away from my friends. We stopped meeting up and I felt it was my fault but also I felt free from the past. I couldn’t deal with the trauma of my relationship because I was surrounded by the same friends who never saw that side of it.

2016 became a fresh start for me. A new chapter for me. It’s strange now writing this because I can see it was a new chapter but at the time, I never saw it.


I released my first book as well as a collaborative book on the theme of “Overcoming”. I began to dive more into books and writing them and further away from the Private Tutoring I started doing 2 years ago.

By writing my books, I developed and honed my signature book writing process. It became a breeze and fun to compile my books. I felt proud and encouraged by my progress but I didn’t want to write them just for myself.

I launched my first Program – a 1:1 3-week Outline to Strategy Program – I enjoyed the experience and the impact it had on my clients. I also opened my 1:1 Book Writing Program.

It became a year of huge business growth. Personally, I was reconnecting with old friends and entering a new phase of personal growth and learning to have my own dreams for my life and pursue them. I was amazed and inspired to reach new heights in my personal life. Business was business but life was worth living.

In July, a huge step became beginning to work with my first coach. We worked together for 9 months and she changed my life. She introduced me to mindset and personal growth. She helped me learn more about myself and how this transitioned into my business.

As 2018 came to a close I learnt so much about myself and my journey. I also started my first fiction book and finished the first draft of my own story – entitled Miracle Rising.

I opened a new program called Writing 2 Heal to help women embrace themselves, their journey and their own path. It is a 6-week program that has produced amazing results.


I have come a long way from the scared woman who had severe anxiety. Today I embrace my story, the trauma and the pain I have been through. All of it has helped me learn the lessons I share with each of my clients as they share their story and book.

As scary as it is, I’m so grateful for all of my past – the good and the bad – because I have come through a transformation and transition that wouldn’t have been possible without going through the fire.

I know that you resonate with this. You see yourself and a glimpse of a transformation that you are seeking! Is a book for you? Let’s talk about it and see what you can do to embrace it and grow!

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