How to use a book to build and scale a business

In my business journey I have struggled to trust myself enough so I could build authority and visibility online. I felt like there was a predefined place for me and I should not try to move beyond that. But I eventually realized that I was limiting my abilities and potential, and began exploring why I was doing this.

In my first business, I was talked down to, judged, and ridiculed publicly. I began to believe that I was never good enough, a theme that was repeated from childhood.

There was a lot of work to be done before I could recognize where I was limiting myself, so I could begin removing and replacing those beliefs.

During this process of breaking down those beliefs, it felt as if I were working against the normal expectations of what it meant to be a woman. I felt that everyone expected me to stay in my job, not explore my passions or dreams, and not push against the status quote to break down the blocks that were keeping me hidden and quiet.

After some deep mindset work, I realized that I can and will become anything that I set my mind to.

Do you feel like you are pushing past boundaries to fulfill your dreams?

Or are you being kept hidden, quiet, and ‘safe’?

I’ll let you in on one big step I took toward breaking free of those boundaries, and building a life of fulfillment, that allows me the freedom to work toward my potential every day.

Sharing my story in a book!

Now I know you might be thinking that I am oversimplifying this quite a bit. It can feel so overwhelming and scary when you first begin planning and then writing your own book.

The bad news:

Since I began coaching women on their journeys to writing and self-publishing their books, I’ve discovered that there are a few challenges they all seem to face.

The good news:

I’ve also learnt about some foundational blocks that can help them overcome these challenges and realize their vision!

I’ll share my take on both sides below – from my perspective as an author, as well as my experience as a coach.


3 Challenges for people wanting to write a book for their business:


1.  Not having a clear vision for your business

When you have a clear vision it is easy to know what your business goals are, and how to communicate that to your audience and your team.


2. Not believing your story is worth sharing

When you are writing a book for your business it’s important to communicate why you do what you do. Why does it matter to you? How do you work toward helping others every day? When you don’t believe that your experiences and feelings are valuable, then you won’t be able to convince your readers of that either.


3. Being unclear about how you will use a book to grow your impact and income

When you write a book with the purpose of helping you grow and scale your business, a solid foundation should already be in place. This means that you need to have in place a Brand strategy, Marketing Strategy, an established product or service, as well as a proven sales process. If not, you can’t expect that your book will help you reach your desired outcome.


3 Foundational blocks you need to write a book for your business


1. Vision

You need to be crystal clear about what your business looks like now, and what you want it to look like in the future. If you want your book to lead readers to purchasing from you or working with you, you need to be absolutely clear about which product or service that should be.


2. Outline

When you develop an outline, it should be as in depth as possible. You want it to answer as many questions as possible, to serve as a roadmap that you can follow throughout the writing process. This helps you reduce decision fatigue later on, as well as freeing up time to do other things, like taking care of your own needs!


3. Mindset

Cultivating and supporting a positive and growth focused mindset is the biggest moving piece. When you hold onto a limiting belief or internalize negative words and criticism from others, this could keep you from continuing to move toward realizing your dreams. It also keeps you from sharing your story and message in the way you feel called to. When you have support, encouragement, and guidance to work through these beliefs and internalized negativity, it can mean the difference between staying unfulfilled and locked into the status quote, and continuing forward toward a more fulfilling joyful life.

These foundational blocks form a part of the work I do with my Book Coaching clients.

Reach out, if you are ready for personalized support on your own book writing journey.

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