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Why did I write a novella? Why not a full-length novel? All good questions which will be answered in due course. Firstly, welcome back and welcome if you are new 🙂 It is so good to be back and writing new content For those of you that are new or have been away for a while, I am no longer focusing on current affairs, I am now focusing on writing, editing and publishing.

So to the novella!

In my book series, I kept trying to find a way to introduce the idea behind it all – how the characters came to be where they are and do what they do. I just could not seem to fit it in with all the other parts of my story and the overall timeline. So I sat back and thought – how could I give an idea about the start of it all without needing a whole new book? The answer?

A novella.

A novella is a longer short story or a short novel. A novella is what I have crafted to tell the prologue to my book series, a starting point that will nudge you in the direction of the overall series.

I have just gotten the novella back from its first round of editing and if I do say so myself :), not bad! Of course, I need to go over what needs to be changed and fixed and then send it out again.

Why write a novella? Why not a short story or a full-length novel? Find out here! @mandyhalgreenThe editor I am using is doing me a great service and I thank her wholeheartedly! I can say it is hard being in the ‘writer’s shoes’ and sending you novel away for outside eyes to critic and upon receiving your work, you want to scream it to the rooftops but there is still a long way to go!

I have gone through the book again and I am adding in more where there is a need. Then off it goes again! This can sometimes seem like a never-ending cycle going between author and editor. But it is a necessary step! (I will explain more in a later post).

I have recently gotten the ISBN for both the traditional paper copy of the book and the digital e-book edition. Phew! Oh! and I have also been introduced to the woman who will be designing the covers for the book! I cannot tell you how exciting all this is! As each step comes along it brings me closer to the finished goal 🙂

Are you as excited as me? I hope so! It is a journey I will not soon forget, which is why I am sharing it with you and I want to help others go through the same experiences.

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