My journey to book coaching – Podcast

In this very off-the-cuff and casual episode, I talk about the journey I’ve been on during the past 5 years and how I came to be a Book Writing Coach.


Show Notes

02:12s Why I gave up a stable job with consistent income
03:43s How I began writing while building my first business
06:12s Taking my writing hobby further as a first time author
08:07s Learning about the book coach industry
09:21s How my Life Coach helped me believe in my own potential
11:39s Embracing the concept of building two businesses simultaneously
13:53s Why writing and publishing a book can look different for every author
17:25s How my clients heal their pain and grief through our coaching relationship

The book mentioned in this episode, titled Miracle Rising, is available to purchase on Amazon [BUY IN KINDLE OR PAPERBACK].

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