Introducing Outline to Strategy!

80% of people who start writing a book do not FINISH!

You get a 3-week Course [hosted on Teachable] which includes:

  • Workbooks
  • Videos
  • Email support [if you need it!]

I have a clearer understanding of how to write my book, and how to incorporate that into my online program. I understand more how to lay out my book and how to promote it and that my book can lead on to other things.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I want to write a book but I have no idea how to go about it OR
  • I have been writing my book but I am stuck!
  • I try to write but I don’t get far!
  • I am frustrated!
  • I am wondering if I can even WRITE this book?
  • What will it lead to?




I’m Mandy, a Book Writing Mentor for individuals looking to share their message and create an impact.

I know what it’s like to question yourself, to doubt, to know you HAVE a message to share but it’s stuck inside of you. I was YOU…

I raised my head and looked at my face in the mirror. There were tears coursing down my cheeks. Yet, I felt nothing inside. I still felt nothing.

I looked down in the sink and watched my blood drip down my wrist into the sink. I watched it form lines and connect in patterns on the downward journey into the drain.

I picked up the razor, closed my fist and made another slice along my wrist.

I gasped from the pain, my eyes opened and I felt fresh tears.

Regret washed over me. Shame crushed me. Nausea leapt into my throat.

I looked in the mirror again.

“What value could I possibly share with anyone?”

I felt worthless. I felt empty, useless.

I also didn’t want to keep hurting myself. But I could see no other option – I couldn’t express any pain I felt inside.

That pattern went on for me FOR YEARS.

There were many moments when I wondered if I would die. If I would watch myself bleed to death! I wondered who would find me and what would happen…

There were times when I was terrified and afraid of what could happen. But those fears weren’t enough to get me to stop.

Until one day my friend told me that she valued me and our friendship and she would be upset if I was to go too far. That hurt me more than any cut of a blade.

Somebody actually found value in me!

I realised I needed to do something that would HELP me express my feelings without harming myself.

That ‘something’ was writing. I began to get into it and the more I did, the more I realised it would be even more of a challenge than cutting ever was. Writing forced me to go deep inside myself, to look at myself and to start healing rather than ripping open the wounds.

Writing became therapeutic and eventually a way to help others heal. I didn’t need to hurt myself anymore. I learnt what it means to write from the heart. That’s why you are reading this today. Because you have some pain, hurt and regret. You wonder if what you have been through, experienced, done, is worth it. You wonder if anyone can ever relate, grasp or understand what you have been through.

Sometimes they can’t but they CAN learn to understand you better, the way you think and act – just as you are learning about me right now.

I know that you have a story to share, an event that changed your life or a moment that defined you. I know that you WANT to share it.

You can!
You need to say YES to your desire to write and start today.


You want to write your book but not enough to stop yourself NOT doing it. You want to see your name in print as an author. You want to see people reading your work. You want to hear people changed by reading your story. Yet, you won’t get out of your own way…

I did – so can you!

I liked how friendly Mandy is, and I feel I can message her anytime for some help. She hasn’t made me feel silly or stupid for wanting to write when I really have no idea and English is not my best subject.

Sneak Peak!

Imagine having

  • worksheets to help you express yourself!
  • time to see what QUALITY time you have to write your book!
  • confidence that you can reach out for help AT ANY TIME!
  • a PLAN that will help you write your book
  • a system to help you be the best you can be WHILE you write!

I felt my book was my foundation to my coaching career.

Ready to be part of the 20%?