A Powerful Voice Needs these 3 Things


There was a time when, if you told me that my voice had power, I would have looked at you with raised eyebrows.

I couldn’t grasp how something like my voice could have a bit of power – let alone a lot! I thought of famous names – Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Princess Diana and others. I knew they had power – from their position/status – but then I also realised that some weren’t born there. They rose through the ranks as it were.

But how did they come to have such powerful voices?

Their message

They spoke their message with clarity and focus. They knew what they believed in and never let themselves be swayed away. As hard as it was – times of injustice and persecution – they didn’t stop!

Their message can be found throughout their lives and in the lives of those they touched.

I think of Princess Diana. Here love of charities and giving back has been ingrained in her children – possibly as a legacy to her – but also as a testament to the women she was and her message.

Where ever they went, they let the message go before them.

Their focus

While their message was on point, they also knew where it was going to take them. They were excited, motivated and passionate about it. It became their whole being and it never was a burden.

When your message is a part of you, it doesn’t feel like extra work or more to bear.

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It took me a whole year to finally get these 3 things about my voice! Today, I am sharing them with you. @mandyhalgreen

They were themselves

How many times do we hear this in the online world – be yourself?

I know I hear it a lot (especially from my coach!), but I also feel fear by being me. But when Im not, nothing seems to work! It all feels HARD!

I definitely did not get into a freedom-based business to have it feel hard! You?


So, through all this, we can see that our voice DOES have power and we can learn three keys things:

  • A clear message is important.
  • Clear focus.
  • Be yourself!

By having these 3 keys in front of you, you can have a powerful voice and share it with confidence!

And don’t I know it?

2017 felt like the year of exploration for me. I got to figure out what I wanted to say and say it with confidence. At first, I had NO idea! I jumped on other entrepreneurs’ bandwagons but it didn’t feel right. I couldn’t figure out who I was.

I had no love for myself, I had no confidence in myself and no idea who I wanted to be. Once I started figuring that out – changes happened!

I signed a client, made waves and wrote books like never before!

These 3 keys changed my life and as we step into 2018 I want to help you step up into your true self and be the real YOU!

P.S. This also applies to the book inside you – be you, be clear and be mindful of your message.

Your Thoughts!

Of these 3, which is the hardest for you to bring out for your book? Share below 🙂

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