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From EVERY sale made, 10% is donated to a charity in my hometown of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I enjoy being able to give back to an organisation that brings music, dance and entertainment to people young and old. So Far we have donated


DIY Products and Services

Is your mindset holding you back from sharing your story?

Crush your mindset and take BACK control over your writing today!


Grab the WRITER’S MINDSET TRAINING for just $29 ($47)!


You get

  • A video training
  • a checklist
  • an e-book
  • an affirmations guide (with space to create your own!)

Ready to propel your writing forward with the right mindset?
Get your biz book off to a flying start!

Are you a coach or entrepreneur who WANTS to write a business book but the whole ‘finding the right idea’ part has you stumped?

You don’t have to feel that way anymore!


I created this workbook for my 1:1 clients. They love it so much that they have requested I make it available to everyone – so here it is!

Valued at $49, you get it for $27! [A steal!]


P.S. Save the download to avoid disappointment!

1:1 Services

1:1 support at anytime is security when you are writing your book. I have been asked to include this monthly service because my clients find it so essential to be able to

  • ask for help
  • get feedback
  • feel secure

when writing their book.

This is a monthly fee – 1:1 Messenger access. Here, you get to talk to me throughout the month as you are working on your book and I help you with anything that comes up to block you.

This service is valued at [$67] $37/month!

Go from frazzled to confident!

Outline to Strategy is one of my most popular services!

I created it because I struggled to write my second book. I felt like a failure and I didn’t know what to do? I had already written a book so why couldn’t I do it again?


Well, I have no strategy!

So, I created this Program to help YOU go from stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated to excited, motivated and ready to write!

1:1 mentoring is a service I provide to help you write your book and feel confident and motivated while you do it!

Life can derail our plans and with help to get on track, you never have to feel like a failure again!


You can write the book that has you lying awake at night. You can share a story that matters to you with those close to you. You can grow your business!

Get 1:1 mentoring to help you write your book!