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Join me as we share your story and use it to inspire, motivate and impact other women towards living their life to the full and having the life they dream about!

Isn’t it time YOU stepped up as the authority in your industry?

1:1 Book Coaching

Outline to Strategy Course

This Course will help you go from ‘Idea to ready to Write’ and KNOW that you CAN get “to the end”.

This course follows the exact process that I use to outline and prepare to write my own books. It works and you can get it too!

This service allows me to take over your book and write it for you. You still outline and prepare it all but you give me content that I use to write the book for you. We both review and edit it.

Have no time? This is your answer!

1:1 Ghostwriting Service

Editorial Calendar Creation

Having a blog that runs consistently and smoothly is the best tool for a writer who wants to make the leap to being an author.

This service gives you the tips and tricks to set up your own editorial calendar and use it to keep you going year-round with your blog.


P.S. Be sure to indicate your desire for this service when you book your call. 

Having systems in place to ensure your business runs smoothly while you write a book is crucial!

I learnt this the hard way as my business slumped when I wrote my first book. I didn’t know what to do!

I spent time figuring out what to do and wrote 3 more books in that time – and my business ran too.


P.S. Please indicate your desire for Systems and operations when you sign up for your call.

Systems and Operations