Pros and Cons of Book Collaboration


When I did my first collaborative book, I thought I would have so much to do as the editor, writer, creator, problem-solver and mentor in chief but it was the exact opposite!

I had the best women beside me who were willing to do the work and who knew that help was an email away – in some cases just a call away.

It was one of the best books I have done and that is why I knew I had to do it again. I wanted to surround myself with positive, inspirational women who DO have stories to share.

The question you have to ask yourself…

Is a Collaboration for me?

Not everyone will write a book and not everyone will write it alone. Whether you decide it’s not for you or you decide to work with a coach, you will come to a decision.

A collaboration involves:

  • Deadlines
  • Teamwork
  • Collective goals
  • Work

If any one of these makes you feel awkward or annoyed then don’t even attempt it!


If you like the above then maybe this can be your introduction to book writing?

How does a collaboration work?

Firstly, you have to like to person running the collaboration. If you don’t then you will butt heads and not enjoy the experience and the final product.

You need to WANT to be a part of the project and willing to do your part in it. The parts may include:

  • Understand what is involved – including the rules [if any]
  • Writing your article/chapter
  • Reviewing it – multiple times
  • Keeping track of deadlines and dates
  • Pre-launching or audience warm-up activities across social media
  • Sharing the work on social media
  • Giving a testimonial


You need to be willing to be upfront and stand your ground. Even though it’s your article/chapter, you and the head of the collaboration must agree on it and if you have broken any rules then you must fix your piece – or leave the project.

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Collaboration on a book can be a great introduction to the process and help you determine whether you want to write your own. @mandyhalgreen #book #collaboration

The Benefits of a Collaboration

  1. There is a smaller amount of work for everyone.
  2. You reach a much bigger audience.
  3. You can ALL grow your email lists.
  4. Your business gets seen by new eyes.
  5. You become an author – #goal #win – celebrate that moment!!
  6. You understand more about the book writing process.
  7. You decide if you want to write your own book – whatever the length.
  8. You learn about yourself from this project.

The Cons of a Collaboration

  1. Having a deadline may be stressful.
  2. You can feel insecure about your part in the project.
  3. You can decide you NEVER want to write a book!
  4. You are unprepared and run around.


If you ARE interested in joining me for a collaborative book then come and join the Savvy Story Sharers Society this is my playground for all things book writing related and you get to join in – for free!

Can’t wait to see you there!

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