Why the right idea is essential to your business book

What is a Business Book?

A business book is your story, or rather, the story of your business – why you do what you do.

This book takes people behind the scenes and shows them what you do. It can be a powerful testimonial for you and your business.

Your business book needs to make an impact!

When you write a book for your business, you have the chance to reach your ideal client and make a change in their lives. You write the book with the intention that the reader will be inspired, motivated and eager to know more about you after they have finished.

When your business book is written generally and not for your ideal client, you will put off your ideal client and they will find help elsewhere. You need to make sure that you write for your ideal client at all times and don’t worry about repelling the wrong client because neither you nor they will be happy together, so rather repel them now and save yourself the time and effort later.

If you write with the right idea then you will make an impact with your book.

Build the know, like and trust factor!

Your book will do this for you because it will give your audience a view into you and your business. It will show the inner workings of your business and your personality will shine through. They will read and get to know you and build a relationship with you through the words of your book.

By the time they get to the end, they will be ready to get more from you, whether that involves working with you or interacting with you on social media. Either way, they can continue to build their relationship with you.

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You have content at your fingertips!

When you have the right idea, you will have some content that relates to this idea and you can repurpose it to go in your book.

Yes, I am serious!

By repurposing content you are saving yourself time and also getting a fresh look at what you have done in the past. It is not wrong to repurpose your content for your book as long as it relates to your idea – otherwise, it is just filling up space and ultimately drawing the wrong client to you.

Are you ready to find the right idea for your business book?

I have a free course aimed at helping you find the idea for your business book. Over 5 days, we will work through your ideas and ultimately choose the one that will speak to your ideal client and enable you to create content easily.

Are you in? Join here!

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