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Welcome to another Savy Story Interview!

Today, we will be getting to know Camilla Kristiansen, an author and writer of over 30 books! [#authorgoals!!]


In the Savvy Story Series, women come forward to give us an insight into their lives and show us how to live lives full of empowerment and inspiration to our fellow women.


Let’s get to know Camilla and her favourite #authorthings!

Part 1

  1. How many books have you written?


  1. What was the first book that you read that inspired you to be a writer?

Kat Loterzo -Think Like a Rich Chick! And Make Money Online. The Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Multiple 6-Figure Income, Doing What You Love!

  1. What are common traps for aspiring authors?

That they think everything needs to be perfect to start writing. Just start. One chapter by another chapter. That’s how you write a book.

  1. Are you friends with other authors and how do they help you become a better writer?

I’m not. I let my art be my art. I see my writing as art and let my message come through me. I’m inspired by everyday life and I write those books to myself to keep going with my dreams.

  1. If you could tell your younger writing self-anything, what would it be?

Start now, Camilla. You don’t need a publisher. You can publish that book yourself. Go for it!

  1. How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

I felt much more confident in myself. My first book was in Norwegian and then I wrote 3 more than I actually sold as PDF files. Then I started to write in English back in 2015 and published on Amazon.

  1. What was the best money spent as a writer?

I have not spent money as a writer. I have focused on my writing and did almost everything myself. Now I have a graphic designer. I don’t care to be fancy. The message is the most important thing.

  1. What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

When I used profanity in my books. The message just came through me because it was needed for me to use a language that women could push themselves faster towards their dreams. Some women stopped following me because of that. It felt ok because it’s important for me to be who I am, not try to be liked by everyone.

  1. What does literary success look like to you?

That you give yourself permission to take 100% control of your writing, let yourself write when you feel called to and don’t think about money and fame, do this because you love it. Write!!!

  1. What is the best way to market your books?

Social media, newsletter. I’m all over the place and share my books every day. I have 32 and they only cost $5 so it’s easy to sell them.

  1. What kind of research do you do and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

I don’t research. I ask inside. “What do I need to write about now?” Then I come up with a title, let my designer do the cover and I plan my chapters. I let myself write what I feel called to in the moment.

  1. What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

I don’t like editing so much. My books are not perfect that way, but I would love an editor in the future.

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The Savvy Story Series continues with Camilla Kristiansen! She is an author and writer of over 30 books and today you get to know her and her process. @mandyhalgreen

Part 2

13. What is your work in progress?

I have just finished my book number 32. Now I’m celebrating with a glass of Prosecco and started to think about my next book. I know it will be about empowering women to go big in life and biz. I don’t think women actually need help, they need to empower themselves and use those gifts they have inside to follow their heart and soul.

  1. Who is your favourite author or authors?

Kat Loterzo, Teal Swan, Paulo Coelho.

  1. What is your all-time favourite novel/book?

Hard question. I read a lot, but I have to say Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist

  1. What inspired your first novel/book?

A meeting with a mentor that told me that it was easy to self-publish and make money from your writing. That a book did not need to be long. Mine books are between 15000-20000 words. Short killer books to empower women into action mode.

17. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Yes, for those who think that writing a book is hard. It’s not. Just start. You are good enough. The world needs your message. Believe in yourself and go for it. Shine bright and never give up.

About Camilla!

Camilla Kristiansen is a kick-ass business coach for women who dream big and Editor in chief for Spotlight Magazine. Camilla is known for her motivational approach and being as authentic as she can.

Camilla is an author and an international speaker, entrepreneur and coach, as well as the founder and creator of tons of online products and programs.

She started out as a fashion blogger and stylist and built her Norwegian business up from the grown as the first stylist in town.

Camilla lives in Bodø, Norway with her husband and 2 children, is obsessed with great prosecco, wine, being out in nature and travel the world to nice cities like Paris, Milan, Venice and London.

Camilla is also an expert in authentic coaching and would love to help you create a business and life you love on your own terms.

You can find out more about Camilla by visiting her website!

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    I love that last comment. However, one does need to work at their craft and improve with each story. Some people do find that hard, but the effort is worth it. Thanks for giving us this peek into the life of Camilla, Mandy. Job well done.

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