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Welcome to another Savvy Story Series Interview!

Each interview in the Series explores one woman’s journey in life and business. You will learn more about her and her story and how she has made an impact in the lives of others.


Today, we are learning more about Jennifer and her unique approach to a topic that relates to all of us. Catch the video or scroll down for the transcript 🙂

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Mandy Jenn is a motivational speaker who used to be overweight (former fat girl). She lost 100 pounds and wanted to share her story. Jenn was frustrated about the traditional methods of losing weight. It’s not about the product that can transform you into whatever you want – it’s about the power!

Mandy: When did you realise you had this power, not a product?

Jenn: I didn’t know I had this power e.g. I struggled with overeating, till I started journaling what I was eating. I realised that replacing the food with a shake made no sense. People usually eat to feed their emotional problems. Therefore, a shake wouldn’t solve anything. You need to give your body what it needs and get it back to its shape.

Mandy: Do you think with overeating, it was something internal?

Jenn: I wasn’t a person lacking confidence or in a state of depression. I was an active kid – had straight A’s, participated in sports, clubs such as quiz ball and other school activities that were there. Amidst it, I was belittled, called a whale and other nasty names. Although, one important thing I learnt was that you don’t have to be miserable if you’re overweight! I was confident in my own worth but I didn’t feel blissful in the way I was. I struggled to become the average size – it took years to embrace my new body.

Mandy: Do you think that your mind was in the process of catching up?

Jenn: Even after 3 years of losing weight, it took a while before I publicly spread my story. It was only after being in toastmaster (a public speaking group), I decided to share a 5min speech of my story and I didn’t know how much of an impact that it could make on others. One of my favourite mentors was at this event and she even said that it touched her. From that day, I realised it does make a difference. Maybe I can help people and make a business. By sharing this story I can impact others.

Mandy: How did you start your business?

Jenn: I love blogging! It was the beginning of how I started to share my story. When I lost my job, I did some soul searching and thought maybe I can become a motivational speaker. To do something that I love! So I started on my quest to become a motivational speaker. I was a mom, full-time job, motivational speaker and was trying to start my business on the side. It was too much! Thus, I took a risk and quit my job to do my business. It took quite a few years to get everything into place. I did events of speaking to the community and to the audience as well, and it was a great place – the place where I want to be!

Mandy: Did you have any fears of this choice?

Jenn: I had fears undoubtedly. I had no idea of income, what type of people you’ll meet, also with this constantly developing techno stage. It was a tough place to be. I had to have the ability to speak confidently enough to convince others. My daughter is my biggest fan and I’m modelling to her that she doesn’t need to do a 9 – 5. She is a young talented artist and I want her to know that she should pursue her passion! Another gift I have been blessed with is being able to spend more time with my family and having more freedom and flexibility with my own business.

Mandy: Do you think the flexibility is one of the benefits?

Jenn: It definitely is one of the benefits. You have more time to do other things. Although you may have no contacts or business – persistence is the key! Starting your own business is like weight loss. There are so many parallels and stages that you go through. You just have to keep persevering.

Mandy: What would you say to someone who doesn’t feel blissful about themselves?

Jenn: I’d say she is beautiful, amazing. When she feels down, she should find someone that loves her and ask how they feel about her. She has the power to take action. I hear stories from the Olympics of how people can break every bone in their body but still overcome the odds and become an athlete. Take control of your own destiny. Come out of your comfort zone and just know that everything is possible!

Mandy: How can we find you?


Jenn: I offer many freebies and different ways to work with you, whether with a group or individual. I want everyone to have body bliss. That is to feel comfortable in your own skin regardless of your size – to be really happy. I can help you change how you see yourself in the mirror and so much more.

It’s not an overnight change and if you think you can, you’ll get there. The mind is a powerful gift.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”

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Meet Jenn - a former fat girl and founder of Weightless. She shares her 100-pound weight loss and her journey to health and happiness in your own skin. @mandyhalgreen

About Jenn!

Jenn is a former fat girl turned accidental health coach and motivational speaker who helps fluffy moms of school-age children find body bliss. When not speaking to audiences at Target and Wells Fargo about her 100-pound weight loss, you can find her dancing in her living room with her two daughters or enjoying food from south of the border. Find out more about Jenn and her work by visiting her website and keeping up with her journey on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and on her Page.

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