How to Share your Story through Fiction


I often meet and hear from people who want to share their story but it’s so painful that they are afraid to share it. They feel called to share about:

  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Violence
  • Prejudice
  • Manipulation

And more!

These stories are testaments to the strength of these women and the courage they possess. I have looked into sharing my story through fiction and I want to share the ways you can do it too.

Your Story is the Plot

Your story becomes the baseline for the book. It is the part that you lean on to form the backbone of your book.

The events that shaped you are included in your book. You need to decide what you will share and what you won’t share. You need to decide how deep into the event you want to go and how close to real you want to get.

For example, when I share one of the times I was raped, I won’t go into graphic detail. You may want to or not.

Your Characters must be Consistent

For your story to work, you need to include the people involved in your life. They have a part to play too. Remember to add differences in appearance and style but not character, attitude and mannerisms.

You want the same reactions as those people but not the exact same names etc.

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Sharing your story in fiction may seem counterproductive but it isn’t. Join me as we look into 3 things you need to know to share your story through fiction. @mandyhalgreen #story #fiction

Your Story must have One Voice

Are you sharing your story in the first person? Third person? Is there a narrator?

Usually, the best way is through your eyes since the events happened to you! Consider what works best and stick to that narrative throughout the story. It is best not to change the viewpoint in your personal story.

Your Settings must be the Same

You can change names and places but the setting must be the same.

For example, I can share where I was raped but change the street name, suburb and his name. It is still a house in a suburb but the details are not shared.

Your plot controls your narrative and it is important that you delve into the story you are sharing to determine your settings. Once you have your settings, you can work on changing names etc.


“When the book comes out everyone will know who I’m talking about!”

I get it!

This held me back when I wanted to share my own journey. How do I do it without seeming like a cold-hearted bitch? I’m sharing something that will affect other people’s lives!

It is a hard choice to make and one you may not expect to be so challenging.

Deciding you are truly ready to share your story is not something you can do overnight – nor in a week. It comes from sorting yourself out and preparing mentally for the task at hand. I created a tool to help you do just that and know you ARE ready to share your story!

It’s my book called Share! Get it now on Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

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