Signature Series

The signature series is a set of books I am planning to write based on the television series ‘Criminal Minds’.

Since I first saw the show back in 2011, I have been hooked! I have cried, laughed, gasped and shut my eyes through each and every episode, some more gruesome than others. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and the work that goes into making the episodes.

That being said I recalled the time I had read about my favourite author (Mary Higgins Clark) and her writing process. She uses two principles

  1. Suppose…
  2. What if?

To explain this further I am going to use her first novel – Where Are the Children? – before this book was written, a woman in America was accused of murdering her two small children,  she was found guilty BUT got off on a technicality. This was big news back then and it stayed with Mary. She asked herself the above questions – suppose a young mother loses her children and is accused of murdering them but gets off on a technicality? What if she moves away, changes her appearance, remarries, then 7 years to the day she was let off her two new children disappear? And her first novel was born!

Now I was thinking to myself one day a few months back suppose there is a Behavioural Analysis Unit type police organisation in Africa, specifically Zimbabwe. What if they solved unusual and awful criminal acts? I felt exhilarated! I want to write about this! And thus the series was born.

Now the name – Signature – where did that come from? Originally I wanted to go with Motives but as there is the popular television series I decided against it. I still wanted something that related to the overall premise of the series so I thought and thought. I wanted a name that was unique! Nothing seemed quite right, then inspiration struck! I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds – ironic – and they made mention of the killer’s ‘signature’.

The signature aspect of a violent criminal offender is a unique and integral part of the offender’s behavior. This signature component refers to the psychodynamics, which are the mental and emotional motivations.

I thought, “this is perfect!” Each crime I intend to portray will feature a unique ‘signature’. I had found the name of the series!

I am looking forward to writing these books, especially with you along for the ride!


The first book in the Series is set for release in 2019!

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  • Jessica O.

    I really like this post and the idea behind how you came up with idea for you story. I love to write and I always have those what if thoughts but never really elaborate on them more. Great tip, I am going to have to do some deep thinking now.

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