Why Mindset Must Be in Your Daily Routine


This week, I was watching the 2018 French Open. At the end of one of her matches, Romanian Simona Halep pointed to her head after winning. As expected, she was asked about it during her post-match press conference. She replied, “my head got me through”.

Those words stuck with me and it came at a time when my own life had been hit with a curveball and I was spiralling into a negative mindset.


I always set monthly goals and while there are some I do reach, there are others I have never reached. I have wondered why I haven’t reached them and if I ever will?

As my mindset tumbled this week, I finally had a breakthrough about the goals I set and if I really want them.

I sat down and thought for a while and at that moment I had a realisation.

While I believe wholeheartedly in my goals, my mindset was still trapped in negativity and lack. I was looking at this from a place of not having or lack and it kept my mindset trapped in negativity.

We All Need a Slap!

During the course of the week. I was brought up short by a friend and her message to me was slap back to reality.

Often we get caught in a spiral of negativity. I often get anxiety and depression and I did feel the pull of it this week.

I would say I knew that getting depressed would not help anything but depression isn’t logical, it’s not something to reason with.


I knew it was hovering over me and I knew that for me, my mindset was the trigger.

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Mindset should be a part of your daily routine and here's why! @mandyhalgreen #mindset #dailyroutine

The Routine was Gone

I realised that my mindset routine was lost. I hadn’t journaled, listened to my meditations and practised my affirmations.

I knew they were important and I was supposed to do them but then I didn’t. I did other tasks before I looked at my mindset work but I found other tasks to do instead.

Mindset is a Daily Practice

I realised that my morning routine worked until my emotions were triggered then I forgot I had a routine and sought help and security outside of myself.

But that will never work!

I know that people cannot always make me happy and yet my instinct it seems is to turn to people.

I set up my morning routine again and I started to feel the internal shift that comes from creating your own happiness.


Only you can truly make yourself happy and only you can develop your mindset with a solid daily mindset practice.


Tell me in the comments about your mindset routine. What does it look like and when do you practice it?

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