When to Write a Book for your Business


I have been thinking a lot about this question recently. It all started when I felt I needed to defend my choice of driving school.

I knew what each school provided but then I discovered something that changed everything. My desired school had a book!

I felt shocked at that because what would a driving school need a book for! The book was actually a question and answer book for the provisional test. A tool that helped me immensely when I took my test. I remember my thought, “It makes them unique!”

It does. It was something completely different and unexpected.

That is how a book can change your business. It can help you stand out.

But when you do it?

List building

When you are beginning your business, you are often told to start an email list. It can be daunting to think of what to create but one of the easiest things is an ebook. (You probably have 80% of it done already)

Here are 3 topics you can write on right now:

  • Answer the FAQs
  • Things you wish people (clients) knew about your business/industry!
  • 3 things you want your ideal client to have in place/be doing before they work with you

Create your ebook and use it to collect email sign-ups.

Lead magnet for coaching.

Often when coaching programs are launched they are a bonus of a book launch.

When you buy the book, a bonus is a group or private coaching opportunity. This is usually a discount as well.

This is also an upsell as your ebook is not likely to have a high price point.

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There are 3 times when a book can help your business grow. Let's look at each of these times and see what will work for you @mandyhalgreen

Surprise bonus

You can create a book to help clients transitions away from working with you.

You can include tips and tricks as well as other ways of working with you but also showing how you value and appreciate your client.

As they begin your out boarding sequence, you can send it to them.

(Imagine how they will feel! 🙂 )


Creating your book is an investment but it will also take your business higher and ensure that your clients experience the best that you have to offer!

Are you excited about the prospects of writing a book for your business? Are you eager to show your expertise?

Do you want to blow your clients away with your amazing book?

Then let’s connect and make it happen!

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